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Personal Action Marketing Plan
                                        from Pick Cotton, Inc.

  • Assist you in Pricing your home at competive market value.
  • Discuss the "Marketing Plan"
  • Discuss MLS showing procedures
  • Discuss possible financing methods
  • Estimate closing cost and nnet profits
  • Prepare MLS information

  • Input your property into the county-wide Listing  Service
  • Install a For Sale sign on your property
  • Write ads emphasing the outstanding features and benefitsof your home
  • Immediately distribute information of your property to a group of specialized realtors
  • Provide "Preparations for showing" and suggestions.
  • Suggest improvements to property, if necessary
  • Provide " Highlights" sheet on your home
  • Distribute flyers describing your property via emails
  • Plan marketing message on MLS computer, when appropriate
The Continuous Marketing Plan

  • Call or visit you to give update on current marketing status
  • Discuss holding an "Open House" (public or brokers)
  • Check with Associates who have shown your property, relay theircomments to you
  • Review and discuss  advertising
  • Call other Brokers who have listings in the  Area
  • Provide 3-day update on new comparable and current competition
  • Discuss reactions of prospective buyers

The Reputation of PICK COTTON creates more buyers because of . . .

  • My aggressive advertising program in many different medias
  • My professional affiliation with national relocation services maximizes my access to and contact with buyers relocating here
  • My continuous communications with corporate clients and transferees generates buyers
  • My Expanded professionals resources to qualify all potential buyers
  • My awareness of client needs and my long term professionals dedications to the Real Estate Industry